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Story how we renovated old stone house and our desire to preserve as much as possible the original form and feature of the time in which it was created - 150 years ago.

Villa Hirundo Rustica is a traditional Dalmatian stone house, built more than 130 years ago, located just a few kilometers from the magnificent waterfalls of the Krka National Park. 

The famous Croatian writer Nikola Pulić was born in the house in 1926, and the untouched timeless beauty of this unique area in which he grew up was his inexhaustible inspiration. Villa Hirundo Rustica originally consisted of two connected stone houses, owned by two brothers. One of them was the father of the writer Pulić, whose family moved to Zagreb years later, and their house was bought by another brother, whose family lived there for generations. For years, the house has withstood the test of time but during the Homeland War it was bombed and largely uninhabitable. When we finally decided to renovate, our desire was to preserve as much as possible the original form and feature of the time in which it was created, and that after the renovation it still looks like in some old days, but more modern, more magnificent, as it deserve. 

After several years of detailed renovation, in 2018 this semi-detached house was transformed into a luxury property consisting of two completely private villas, each with a private pool, which are completely independent of each other and separate, (although it may be better to say connected), exclusively by a high stone wall. On 1500 square meters of the estate are two villas, each with a private pool with jacuzzi, covered parking, sauna, barbecue area, outdoor dining area, and absolutely among the leading attributes of the villa is a stunning garden with 20 local fruit trees such as cherries, jujubes, pomegranates, figs, peaches, pears, plums and many others. Larger villa HR 1 consists of 3 bedrooms with bathroom and can optimally accommodate 6 people, and smaller villa HR2 consists of 2 bedrooms with bathroom and can ideally accommodate 4 people. If you want to take good friends with you, a wooden door opens in the stone wall and the villas are open to each other. In this case, we can accommodate 10 – 12 guests who have 2 heated pools at their disposal, which proved to be ideal when family members of different ages spend their summers together (this is especially appreciated by pool selfie lovers). 

The villa was awarded with 5 stars, and we took it very seriously – we paid attention to every detail in the decoration, the furniture is luxurious, the equipment is modern and high quality, and the dishes are fine porcelain.Here, in the shelter of an olive field, next to the river Krka, in the vast fields of a Dalmatian village, you will wonder why Villa Hirundo Rustica (Lastavica)? For years, swallows built nests in the veranda of a larger villa and under the stone wall of a smaller villa and when we protected the veranda with large glass rocks due to the renovation, the birds had to find new hiding places. In spite of that, every evening around 6 pm, they return to the estate and have fun with a wiggly dance and a happy chirp above the pool. And as they come back to us every summer and we can say that they are our most loyal guests, they inspired us to name the villa after them.And we hope that also you will be inspired by Villa Hirundo Rustica – in the safe embrace of the river Krka, the Adriatic Sea and Lake Prokljan we will provide you with an exceptional vacation that you have always wanted, only even better.

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